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Best Fishing Kayak: which model to choose?

On a lake, in a river, or at sea, fishing is a calm leisure activity which appeals to many French people. If the goal is not necessarily to bring a catch home, for consumption, it is rather a communion with nature, a moment with yourself. To practice their activity, many people now opt for a kayak.

What is a fishing kayak?

Initiated by the Inuit, kayaking as a leisure activity dates back to around 2010. Users are seduced by this long and shallow boat that slides on the water. Developed using different materials depending on the model, the kayak combines lightness ( for some of them ), no noise pollution, good functionality and lower price compared to a classic boat. If there are many kinds of kayaks, not all of them are designed to become accessories for sport fishing, practiced by the “PEKeux”, name given to them by the fishermen in kayak…

Kayak Bilbao: The best-selling!

Whether you want to start kayaking or it is already an activity that you have been enjoying for a long time, you can bet on the Bilbao Fishing Kayak . Its TST thermoformed hull has been designed to ensure perfect gliding on the water, without compromising stability. Its weight and length ( less than 3.50 meters for 21 kilos ) have also been designed for easy transport and storage.

Perfect for sailing up to 300 meters from the coast , it ensures good fishing times, even for an adult accompanied by a child. On board, you will find a net to store your belongings. Molded seats or toe clips, everything is ergonomic and made to adapt to most body types. Its purchase price is quite correct with regard to its excellent design.

Advantages of the Bilbao model

Light and well designed kayak plus a reasonable purchase price, we are necessarily for it. Better still, at the end of its life, it will be 100% recyclable! The overall quality is there and the exemplary finishes.

Disadvantages ?

Fishing becomes a solitary activity with this kayak which can only accept an adult or an adult and a child, at most.

How to choose your fishing kayak?

Number of people and storage space

This criterion is obviously important because once you have chosen your kayak, it is not extensible. Some accommodate only one person, others two up to a certain weight. Finally, others allow you to take two adults and one child. Do not go beyond the supported weight , otherwise you risk damaging your boat and putting yourself in danger.

Color or camouflage

The fishermen know it, the fish appreciate the silence and the slightest noise can make them go underground, without the possibility of fishing them. To make some catches, some fishermen also bet on a kayak with a camouflage coating , to blend in with the decor. This type of kayak is probably more to reserve for rivers and lakes.

For sea excursions, it is preferable to opt for a colored kayak, in order to gain visibility. Some boats are made to stay along the coasts where other boats are located. So it’s not about getting hit. Similarly, several miles away, it is better to choose a brightly colored kayak, if you should ever be spotted by the emergency services, in the event of damage or discomfort.


Of course, it is possible to find a best fishing kayak below 100 euros. But what about quality? It is important, especially if you leave in the wee hours, alone, to fish to opt for a qualitative and reliable equipment . Either, it will raise the purchase price, but you will be sure to have a kayak made with good materials, with a place to store equipment and enough comfort to spend hours satisfying your passion for fishing.


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